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How Dash VPN Works

Dash VPN is an accelerated Virtual Private Network. A VPN replaces your normal connection to the Internet with a private anonymous connection. A VPN connection allows you to browse the web without worrying about being hacked, tracked or censored. Aditionally, Dash VPN uses ActMobile technology to speed up all data transfers and to reduce the amount of data that transits through your mobile connection, saving you money in the process.

Dash VPN provides you with a speedy, private and uncensored connection, no matter where you are in the world, even in the harshest of network conditions. Let Dash VPN protect your connection while allowing you savings of up to 5 times what your normal data plan allows.


Save Money

Expand your data plan by 2 to 5 times and let your data plan pay for itself. Take control with insights into your data usage with our Data Plan tracker. Track your usage on important trips and check your connection speed right in the app.

Connect Safely

Protect your privacy. With Dash VPN, you are not tracked or targeted for ads. Your identity, habits, friends, interests and locations are protected. Dash VPN encrypts your traffic and shields your data from prying eyes when on a public hotspot.

Avoid Blocking

Dash VPN allows you to connect anonymously to the web and get past any blocked content or services like Facebook, Skype, YouTube and more, no matter where you are in the world.

Browse Faster

Dash's Geographically distributed VPN servers ensure you have the fastest connection wherever you are, even in the harshest of network conditions. Dash VPN's Global Network accelerated more than 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 Peta) byte last year.

Dash VPN Data Plans

Pay for your privacy, or pay with your privacy. Dash VPN is the fastest premium VPN: it protects your privacy and reduces the usage of your mobile data plan via our patent pending acceleration technology. Pay As You Go plans offer an amount of data to be used any time and shared on all of your devices. Monthly subscription plans offer an unlimited amount of data per month on a device. Charges are only for data sent, not data saved.


Per Month

  • Unlimited Devices
  • One Month
  • 50GB of Accelerated Data

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Per Month

  • Unlimited Devices
  • One Month
  • 500GB of Accelerated Data

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